Why ZD CASKET FACTORY Attend The Conference To Show Metal Caskets, China Caskets?

Feb 14, 2017

Zd Casket Factory attanded some conference before, like October 12-15,2014 and Asia Funeral and Cemetery Expo and Conference 12-14/5/2015, this year we will attand Asia Funeral and Cemetert Expo and Conference May 16-18,2017. Why we always attend the convention? Because we want to introduce our factory, our facilities, our teams, our casket, our quality, our service and our price. We want to show customers made-in-China american style metal caskets,China metal caskets,metal caskets, we want to show customers the quality of our caskets, the quality of exterior finish, the quality if interior finish, so customer can more about our factory and our caskets.Made-in-China products( like furniture, gift,commodities and so on)has go to all around the world from many years ago, why not caskets? We have quality caskets, we have good price, we need to promote it, so let more and more people know them. We want to help more and more commom people can buy good quality caskets basis on affordable price. If you want to know about our factory and our factory please attend Asia Funeral and Cemetert Expo and Conference May 16-18,2017, our booth number is F23. we are there to wait for you.

Here are some pictures to show you the information of attending the convention before.