Why The Coffin Is The Selection Of The Wood

Sep 30, 2015

Zi of traditional Chinese love high quality manufacturing such as wood, wood coffins. Many people can have a good coffin after death as the greatest blessing.

Coffin, also known as old houses, it is designed for the dead set, workmanship is very fine. First, look at the material, usually due to restricted by the economic conditions in General, popular coffin formed by the pine and cedar wood processing; good, special attention to the coffin with a very expensive wood or natural crystals and other fine together. And its appearance is very peculiar, front-end, back-end smaller, is in a ladder shape. In the body, with the oblique face of each plate, each section to reflect after a former small incline. Also called oblique is the so-called coffin material goods materials, in either side and covered and slanting with arc, from material front, the entire coffin is like a half round.

Why wood for coffins:

1, formerly with limited financial resources, wood is suitable for most people.

2, and some wood underground corrosion resistance than iron.

3, theorem of human nature, thought back to nature, wood close to nature.