To Create A Strange Coffin Known Town

Apr 14, 2017

Ching Ming Festival, to see a very interesting coffin production, this thing will probably have a very different view, but there is such a place actually because the coffin did well and won the reputation.

Out of the capital city of Accra, along the coast road has been east to less than 20 kilometers, there is a town called the seaside town, where the production of coffins and famous.

In the eyes of many people, the coffin is a synonym for fear, far from the time too late. But in the generation of Greek, the coffin was made into eagles, cocoa beans, crabs, the Bible and other shapes, to meet its basic functions at the same time, has become a symbol of culture and exquisite works of art, attracting tourists around the world before To visit.

When it comes to the production of the coffin of the town of Dixi, it is necessary to mention the Carnegie Kui carpenter's workshop. It is said that this is the earliest production of the characteristics of the coffin place, the surrounding coffin craftsmen are the apprentice of this workshop. In a warm morning, 27-year-old third-generation card inside the Kui carpenter craftsman's heir Eric Artyi Kui to the Xinhua News Agency reporters introduced the origin of the strange coffin.

He said that in the 1950s, an chiefs around the town of Dixi made a cocoa-shaped sitting bed to the local carpenter, which was used by the chiefs to participate in important festivals, a symbol of power, but did not wait for the bed to be completed. He died. So, the tribe asked to change the bed into a coffin, used to bury the chiefs. This special coffin was immediately praised by the locals. At that time, the young carpenter, Cerette Kane Kui, noticed this phenomenon and began to study how to produce a characteristic coffin. Soon, Carnegie Kui's grandmother died, the old man's desire to be able to travel by plane. In order to complete this wish, Carnegie Kui personally tailored for the grandmother of the aircraft coffin. Since then, the coffin business can not be received, cocoa growers, fishermen, etc. have come to the request for production and their occupation, hobbies, wishes and other related characteristics of the coffin.

Living in the town around the town of Dai people believe that the soul is immortal, passing people will be in another world engaged in the same career as before. So, the family in accordance with the deceased's desire to do a different shape of the coffin.

"We believe that through the characteristics of the coffin, the deceased in another world to enjoy the wonderful, this is our culture." Eric Artyi Kui told reporters.

In less than 30 square meters of carpenter workshop display room, the reporter saw the fish, crabs, spiders, hammers, movie projectors, biblical shapes such as coffins, lifelike, vivid. And a wall of the workplace, seven or eight apprentices are working, some measurements, some planing, and some polished.

Inherited for decades, where the coffin is still purely handmade. Eric's father said that the characteristics of the coffin is mainly customized, the customer made specific requirements or give a sample, and then carpenter master specific design and production. After the design, selection, production, drawing and other steps, about two weeks, a beautiful feature coffin on the production is completed, the price is generally 400 to 500 US dollars. If it is a specially crafted art coffin, the price may be as high as several thousand dollars.

Wall blooming outside the wall. Although the origin of the coffin Ghana, but in foreign reputation. In recent years, in Europe, the United States and many other art exhibitions have appeared on the characteristics of Ghana coffin. On behalf of the town around the coffin workshop has become a tourist tour will go to the attractions. Eric and his family produced the characteristics of the coffin has been invited to Spain, Belgium, France and other places to participate in the exhibition. In March this year, he went to Milan, Italy participated in a design exhibition.

But in Ghana domestic, the characteristics of the coffin has not been as a creative industry or tourism projects to promote. Cypriot explained that, on the one hand, the characteristics of the coffin is mainly popular in the Canadian family, and the Canadian family is only one of the many tribes of Ghana; the other hand, with the continued infiltration of Western culture, Ghana tribal traditional culture is squeezed, There are fewer and fewer young people who are willing to pass on traditional culture. In addition, the country is still in the development stage, the government can not afford to support the traditional creative industries.

When asked if he would let his grandchildren continue to produce the characteristics of the coffin, he said: "This business is like a car running on the road, always someone to do the driver, my father passed me, I pass Give my son, I hope my grandson also likes to do the coffin, inheritance.

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