The World’s Super Horrible Hotel, Allowing Customers To Sleep In Coffins

Sep 05, 2020

I believe everyone should be familiar with the matter of tourism. Although this year’s tourism industry has reached the lowest point in history, it still cannot resist everyone’s desire to travel and fly. Having said that, I don’t know if you have noticed the current situation. People travel not only to relax themselves, but also to explore and enrich themselves. People not only like to see special scenery when traveling, but also choose some special hotels when they stay, such as the hotel we will talk about next.


There is a very scary hotel in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. I don’t know who has been to this hotel. This hotel is very famous, not because of its luxurious decoration or high-grade, but because its design is completely different from other hotels. It feels weird when sleeping here, because people are not sleeping in beds, but in coffins.


This hotel may not be as comfortable as ordinary hotels, but it has excitement and fear that ordinary hotels cannot give. There are no soft big beds, only narrow and dark coffins. In order to make the experience more real, the rooms are not only There are coffins and various garlands. After the lights are turned off at night, don’t mention how gloomy this scene is. Although many tourists come here to experience it, no one dares to sleep here. Even if they do, they only experience it in the scenic spot. , Can't sleep at all.

The reason why such a hotel is designed is because the owner does not want to deceive people, but wants tourists to feel the feeling of death in advance, hoping that tourists can cherish the current life, calm down, cherish life, and of course also cherish the love around themselves and themselves Lovers, it is said that people can see through a lot of things once they pass through the gates of hell, which can make people sober and mature immediately.


As for the food served here, it is naturally not so exquisite. For example, the pastry will make you some coffin-style desserts, and there is a tableware decorated with skulls. Most people really cannot accept it. However, some people think this hotel Quite good, it can remind people how happy it is to live, but some people think it is too terrible. It is a waste of money to open such a hotel. Who dares to sleep in it for a night? What do you think of this hotel?