The Special Funeral Is Controversial: The Man Was Driven For A Drive After His Death And Personally Greeted The Guests At The Funeral

Jan 09, 2021

29-year-old Che Lewis and 54-year-old father Adlay Lewis were shot to death in their homes on November 15th. The funeral was held on November 25th. Unlike ordinary funerals, Cha’s friend put on a pink suit, white suit pants, white leather shoes and sunglasses after embalming the remains, and asked Cha to sit in the back seat of the hearse and go all the way in a “sitting position”. The church, let him "enjoy" the last "ride" in his life.


The hearse passed through the capital, Port of Spain, to the Evangelical Church of St. John in Diego Martin for a funeral. But when the body arrived at the church, the church staff were dumbfounded and refused to let the deceased inside. In the end, relatives and friends could only put the body of the investigation at the door of the church, let him sit on a chair, and put a photo of him during his lifetime next to him, as if it were a receptionist.

According to reports, many relatives and friends who participated in the funeral did not recognize him as the body in front of him. They thought it was other relatives and friends who came to express their condolences. Some even accused him of not wearing a mask during the epidemic. The funeral was broadcast live on the Internet at the same time, attracting many people's attention. Some viewers did not realize that the deceased was the person sitting in the chair.


After Cha's funeral video was uploaded to the Internet, it caused heated discussions among netizens. Someone joked: "Nothing will scare me in 2020." In addition, for such a "special" funeral, the funeral and interment company emphasized: "This is requested by the family, but we have done it before, so when the other party requests it, we are not surprised, because there are such funerals abroad."

Despite this, according to Trinidad Express, the local police are dissatisfied with such reckless behavior and will launch an investigation. The funeral agent may be fined about 750 pounds. The local Catholic priest also criticized this behavior for "disrespectful" to the deceased, and suggested that the diocese should ask the other party to provide all the details of the ceremony before the funeral.

It is reported that such a special treatment method for the remains is called "Extreme embalming", which originated in Puerto Rico in 2008. The funeral industry will inject chemicals into the body to make it completely stiff at a cost of about £2,000. In recent years, this method has become more and more popular, and relatives and friends hope that the deceased can be "resurrected" a little bit before entering the soil, in order to make the funeral atmosphere more joyful.