The Old Man, Who Was Forgotten By The God Of Death, Left His Coffin For Decades, But Could Not Bear To Choose To Commit Suicide

Aug 12, 2020

In the past, people’s average age was generally fifty or sixty. Old people who lived to seventy or eighty were long-lived elderly people. Nowadays, such an extremely developed modern society has convenient and fast daily life and continuously improved quality of life. , This has allowed many elderly people to gradually grow in age, and no longer have their bodies gradually weakened at the age of fifty or sixty as in the past. Not all people want to live long. There is such an old man who lived to be 146 years old, even at the age of 122, he found a cemetery for himself and prepared a coffin.


Mba Godo was born in Indonesia in 1870. At that time, China was still in the late Qing Dynasty rule. At that time, Indonesia was also in a state of continuous wars and perennial divisions. He became a witness of modern history. However, the heart of this long-lived old man was extremely lonely and panic. He married four wives and died one after another during his life. Even his last wife died in 1988. It is difficult for many people to understand that white-haired people send black-haired people. After all, most of them are black-haired people sending white-haired people. But there is no way. This old man lives too long. It is the deepening of various negative emotions such as inner pain, loneliness, and panic.


Although he lived for more than 100 years, Mbagodo's heart hoped that he would die soon. There were no people he knew well around, only grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren were left. The meaning of living by himself is long gone, so he wanted to use a hunger strike to end his life. The old man was lonely deep in his heart, and wanted to choose this way to end his life. After all, he lived too long and was too lonely. Although people are a group of animals, they are in the era of no acquaintances. , It makes no sense to live. He even prepared a coffin for himself when he was 122 years old and took care of his funeral. Later, the age of Mba Godot attracted the attention of the media, and people were curious about how the old man maintained a long life. In the face of the flood of interviews, Godot also said four words and remained patient. Apart from this, the old man never said anything else. His words are simple, but his actions are not simple. Who can maintain good patience in an impetuous society?


In 2016, Mba Gordo’s physical condition was getting worse and worse. This old man now needs other people to feed and take a bath. In 2017, Mba Gordo’s health deteriorated sharply and he began hospitalization, but after staying for less than a week, he insisted on going home. After returning home, he still ate some liquid food and water at the beginning, but a few days later, he went on a complete hunger strike. Although his grandson did not want him to do this and tried to persuade him, Godot His attitude was extremely resolute. Soon after, Mba Godot died on a hunger strike at the age of 146. The age of this old man is very controversial in society. Although the birth certificate shows that Mba Gordo was born in 1870 and the document has been recognized by the Indonesian government, the outside world still has the true age of Mba Gordo. There has been a lot of discussion. If Mba Godo’s age is true, then he will be the oldest old man in the world.