The Most Unique Coffin In The World

Oct 26, 2019

car casket

We generally don't like talking about death, not talking about coffins. Speaking of coffins, everyone thinks about it. However, these coffins that you said today are absolutely unexpected. For example, in this picture, you have not seen it, it is a car, but also a coffin. The owner loves the car and dreams of sitting in a car forever.

gold casket

A rich man in London spent £72,000 to create a golden carved coffin.

taxi casket

Taxi coffin. Before the main life was a taxi driver, he worked for more than 20 years. He hopes that the kingdom of heaven can still serve everyone.

film casket

Cinema film projector-like coffin. When the owner was young, he was a cinema projector.

Dominoes casket

A man from Puerto Rico died and his family prepared him a multi-bone card.

fish casket

A rich man builds a fish-shaped coffin for himself because he is a fisherman.

lion casket

A man working in a zoo died of illness and he created a lion-shaped coffin for himself.