The Most Infiltrating Restaurant In The World: People Eat Around The Coffin, And The Business Is Still Very Hot!

Jun 13, 2020

Speaking of restaurants, there are countless large and small restaurants in our country, but they are basically Sichuanese Cantonese cuisine or hot pot. Themed restaurants may not be rare. Our country does not mean that there is no other country. This world There is such a strange restaurant, people eat around the coffin, and the business is still very hot!


Ahmedabad is located in Gujarat in western India and is one of the tourist destinations in India. There are two main tourist attractions here, one is the former residence of Mahatma Gandhi and the other is the new lucky restaurant. The purpose of visiting Gandhi’s former residence is to commemorate the father of India, and to eat in this newly opened lucky restaurant is to taste life and death.

This newly opened lucky restaurant is different from other restaurants. It is located in the cemetery of Ahmedabad. From the appearance, this restaurant is no different from other restaurants. But many foreign tourists walked into the restaurant and shouted to flee. The lights in the restaurant were very dim, and the tombs were lying on the ground. Candles were lit on the top of the tomb. Under the blow of the fan, it seemed that a little "ghost fire" flickered.


Out of fear or respect, the people of our country always keep a certain distance from their goals. But in India, it is quite the opposite. In Hinduism, they think that death is only a part of life. In the New Lucky restaurant, death is also a part of the diet. Here you can enjoy the delicious milk tea and snack accidents, but also here. Taste to life and death!

The "graves" in the New Lucky Restaurant are either very large, or small concrete coffins, as tall as the lower legs. These "coffins" are painted green, with bright dried flowers and candles. The "coffins" are scattered randomly in the restaurant, and some are located in the center of the restaurant, staggered from the table. The waiter knows the layout of the ground very well, just like a bus driver knows his driving directions. They held the tray in hand and carried the hot tea, dancing between the "coffins" in a dance.

Due to the Indians' view of death, this restaurant is not only active among foreign tourists, but also very popular in India. Many people come here to eat such a meal at all costs. As a result, customers in this restaurant are endless and business is extremely hot.

I don’t know what you think of this restaurant? Professor Dart of the University of Nehru said that in Muslim and Indian thinking, death is not terrible. Indians living or doing business in the cemetery can not only be protected by their ancestors, but also appreciate the value of life from death.