The Most Horrible Hotel In The World, Sleeping In The Coffin At Night, Do You Dare To Live?

Sep 11, 2019

Nowadays, the hotel has more and more marketing methods, and the patterns are more and more novel. Some theme rooms and special rooms are often introduced. Most of the decoration styles are similar. Some are very novel and romantic, some are simple and beautiful, but there is one in the world. Such a hotel, in Brussels, Belgium, is known as the only hotel in the world. Apart from this hotel, no city can find the same place. Even if some hotels imitate this style, they have never surpassed it. It is known as one of the most horrific hotels in the world, and its decoration style is unimaginable, and it is not the same as the regular hotel we stay in.


This hotel is a horror-style, coffin-themed hotel. There are various hotels in every corner of the room. Every visitor who comes here will be shocked by the decoration in the room and will be served to the guests. The water cups are also in the shape of a cave. Even the name of the drink provided by the hotel is very scary. Some are called devils, some are called vampire kisses, and so on. Death is a terrible thing. In this hotel, you not only feel no warmth, but also feel the coolness of all directions. All the beds are designed in coffin style, and there are wreaths for worship at the bed. . Sleeping in the coffin, many guests do not dare to close their eyes when they step in. The designer said that death is something that everyone will face, or sooner or later, guests can experience the death in advance. What it feels like, when you wake up, you will cherish life more.

coffin bed

Interestingly, since the opening of this hotel, there have been a lot of people coming to visit. Many people have come to seek excitement. The courageous guests especially like the decoration style here. I feel that it is unique, and some courageous guests are often scared to sleep. Insomnia is a nightmare, and even a lot of girls are scared to cry. I wonder if you have experienced this special hotel?