Thailand's Peculiar Marriage Customs: Newcomers Must Lie In The Coffin And Sleep In It To Get Married

Jul 11, 2020

Each country has its own different customs and habits, and in such a big occasion as a wedding, the unique customs of each country are very obvious, and these countries have many customs that seem unbelievable to China.


Many people in India choose to marry a cow before marriage, because cows have a very high status in India. Marrying cows before the wedding can make the marriage happier. Because of religious issues, Indians have great respect for cattle. On many big occasions, cows are involved, but after they marry cows, they will hold normal weddings with their beloved ones, but there are also a few special people who are very different.


There was a man with a clear brain in India. He had a normal marriage, a beautiful wife and two children, but he suddenly divorced his wife one day and chose to marry a cow and marry the cow. Live together every day. The man who abandoned his wife and his son and lived with the cow also said that he was happier after he married the cow. If the behavior of marrying a cow is difficult for many people to accept, then this wedding practice in Thailand is estimated to be very difficult for most Chinese to understand.


The day before the wedding, the couple had to sleep together, and the place where they slept was not a bed, but a pink coffin. Only if the couple slept in the coffin overnight, they could hold the wedding the next day. Although the inside of the coffin is pink, it does not seem to be as depressed as the ordinary coffin, but the small space and people covering it after lying down still feel very uncomfortable.


Such unique customs make netizens ridicule. Is this to show that marriage is the tomb of love? Thais have their own opinions about this custom. Lying in a pink coffin before a Thai wedding is a way to pray for good luck. This is not only the local wedding customs in Thailand, but many tourists will also experience such unique customs to pray for good luck when traveling to Thailand.