Terrorist Attacks In Egypt Have Caused 235 Deaths So Far

Nov 25, 2017

So far, 235 bombings and 130 injuries have been caused by the bomb attacks on Egyptian mosques, the bloodiest terrorist attack in the area in the recent three years. As the police investigated the details and exposed the details of the scene, it was learned that the militants detonated explosives at a building next to the mosque and staged firearms to rescue ambulances as they escaped from the mosque. Then some militants fired into the mosque directly.

According to the Los Angeles Times, witnesses said a large number of masked militants arrived in batches on 4 off-road vehicles, detonating explosives that were previously placed at a building next to the mosque and at the same time set fire to nearby vehicles. When the crowd inside the mosque heard an explosion and escaped, they fired at them. Subsequently, 10 to 20 militants entered the mosque and opened fire on those who hid in the temple. The militants outside the temple, even the ambulance also spared, firing on the ambulance delay the rescue process. The town of Bir al-Abd is located about 40 km west of Arish, the capital of North Sinai Province, and the mosque is the only mosque nearby.

It is understood that the Egyptian government has actively cracked down on terrorists in the northern Sinai Peninsula over the past three years and has so far led to the death of hundreds of police officers and soldiers. Local militants ambushed the police in September 2017, killing 18 police officers and wounding seven others. By October, the military fought extremists and killed at least 6 soldiers and 24 militants.

This banging attack is a very painful blow to the local people and hopes that no such attacks will be repeated in this world and that world peace will be hoped for.

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