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Some Knowledge About Chinese Coffins

Dec 25, 2018


The reason why the coffin is called “棺材”is the meaning of the ancients to promote the official wealth. I hope that after the death, the children of the family will be promoted to make a fortune, and modern people will also see the idea of making money.


The color of the coffin is roughly divided into three types. Black, red, yellow and yellow are used by ancient emperors. Black and red are used by civilians and officials.


In ancient times, there was a saying that when people died, they lay down on nails and nailed nails. The conclusion of a person's life is good, so the ancient coffin will be nailed, in addition to strengthening the sealing, there is also a conclusion.


In ancient times, when people died, they entered the coffin and slept. During this period, the coffin could not fall to the ground. When it landed, it meant that it would take root, and the soul of the human being would sleep there. These are some traditional sayings.