Next Lacquer Industry Trend Analysis

Sep 30, 2015

Lacquer apparatus industry is labor intensive industry, this to developing countries, in market economic globalization tide in the, development lacquer industry brings has more of market dive volume, while due to economic of development, people can dominated received people of constantly improve, culture features and social features of convergence, makes purchase high-end items of potential customer gradually increased, lacquer products of market dive volume also must will with of growth.

In addition, the development of modern industry, to lacquer coatings also brought great market potential. According to estimates, functional coatings for corrosion and other potential market of about 2 million tons, especially high-grade coatings will be in short supply. According to statistics 2010 China heavy anti-corrosion paint production for 1.59 million tons, which oil chemical industry including oilfield facilities, and pipeline, and storage tank, and sea platform, and oil chemical of steel and reinforced concrete structure material of anti-corrosion, cooling and cycle water pipeline of anti-corrosion anti-dirt,, new equipment and regularly maintenance with paint basic same, used volume total for 20.3 million tons, railway and highway bridge with paint including new and maintenance two a series, years dosage about 60,000 tons. Metallurgical factory of plant and facilities most for steel, and using environment and quite bad, requirements using quality better of anti-corrosion system, new factory not more, main is maintenance with paint, years dosage about 230,000 tons, power as energy industrial of power equipment, steel plant, transmission tower using steel anti-corrosion paint,, new large power plant general need 20,000 tons paint, usually maintenance volume General quite, main to General type anti-corrosion paint mainly, heavy anti-corrosion system for seawater pipeline, transmission tower, parts. In addition, China is the world's largest container producer, years need to paint of 300,000 tons, other industries such as electric power, ships, water demand of about 600,000 tons.