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Moral Of The Coffin

Sep 30, 2015

Nature creates everything, while giving all of this in a different form, shape and continued development--life. Everything life has not come easily, however, we come in the form of a special description of life ... ...

Ancient thousand years has yilai, human on himself of death legacy Xia has not "dies" of "theorem"--is people died shall not back, but can are died, certainly, this is a superstition of claims, if to science of objective claims to explained died "theorem", it is is people of a heart wishes--is people died not back, but he of spirit image, is Yong exists others of heart among. In order to apply this heart felt tangible expression of nostalgia for the dead, the bodies of the dead were placed, that is buried. In order to better let the dead to the other world, prepared ornate coffins for the dead.

Zi of traditional Chinese love high quality manufacturing such as wood, wood coffins. Many people can have a good coffin after death as the greatest blessing. Coffins in rural utility for most, almost every farmer's death coffin encoffin corpses, it was to be cremated after death due to other causes, but will also tell his sons before he died his ashes in a coffin, they all love this way of burial, to save the body's integrity, Fable