Jackie Chan Is Registered As A Coffin Trademark

Oct 20, 2017

Super star Jackie Chan's name has been registered as a coffin trademark, an intellectual property company's official said, and "flow is slippery", "Wang duckling", "diarrhea stop" homophonic different, the coffin trademark and movie star Jackie Chan is The same name and surname, amiable Jackie Chan suddenly become creepy.

Reporters to verify the inquiry of the State Trademark Office website found that the registered "Jackie Chan" trademark is a Taizhou, Zhejiang, a mechanical plant, the use of the trademark in addition to metal pipe, metal cabinets, metal containers, metal signs, metal works of art and other commodities, Metal coffins, metal coffin objects, coffins with metal equipment. "Jackie Chan" trademark of the exclusive right period is December 28, 2006 to December 27, 2016, has been registered as a common trademark, in the trademark registration of the publicity period has not been subject to trademark opposition.

But the reporter from the company's Web site to see that the plant is a production and sales of industrial sewing machines and sewing machine parts business, does not produce coffins.

Previously, China's well-known trademark Arctic velvet was also registered coffin trademark. Arctic cashmere chairman Wu Yiming said in an interview, from the current trademark acceptance process, as long as the application to meet the format accepted, which is not only easy to cause confusion, but also easy to be registered trademarks of individuals or manufacturers reputation, goodwill negative impact.

To this end, the industry recommended that the Trademark Office to apply for a good trademark application, the coffin and other special commodities can only implement the trademark registration system, the application must provide proof of production and other documents to avoid business or celebrities have to Face a protracted future or a lawsuit.

This article Source: Beijing Youth Daily