Importance Of The Graveyard Feng Shui

Sep 30, 2015

The Feng Shui of the tombs said: after the burial of the dead, formed in conjunction with point really angry, way to communicate through yin and Yang, unseen influence, about the living loved ones out. Yin Qi, breath became the wind, rise sky clouds, down into the rain, popular in the underground becomes angry. Angry underground fashion, hair growth can be raised when all things. One parent crystal of pure blood, so are the yin and Yang of two gas crystals. Every living person has both yin and Yang Qi, body disappears after death, Yin and Yang Qi has not disappeared. Living person, polymer gel in bone, dead bones were destroyed, so deathscent is still living. So buried, to find an angry units even so angry and combination of both yin and Yang of the Undead to protect loved ones alive.

Ancient tombs in China is a complex cultural phenomenon, burial site of choice to see Feng Shui. Since ancient times, people are is attention cemetery of select, ancient select cemetery consider of factors followed by for: a is capital near, its Feng Shui not elimination said natural is good of; II is hometown, and mining yi or native to, meet roots of traditional concept; three is death to, as-at-large, and battlefield,, this often is grid Yu situation, as traffic restricted,; four is other place, as before yearning for of to,. But generally you want to select "as before, then there are the" place, the former a flow through, then there are the mountains, range upon range of Pinnacle in the territory, that is going to the cemetery between mountains and water. Of course there are many other exquisite. For example: first, it should be clearly points to water and water to the position, according to point to water and drain location to determine the general location of the land God, again according to the points of orientation and gold elements cooperate, determine the accurate location of the land God, taking into account the points around the environment to determine the exact direction of land God. Such land units even Feng Shui God breaks the situation, consistent with its qi. Their graves more in line with the request of Feng Shui, Yi shade makes it better for future generations.