Has Anyone Ever Used Gold Coffins?

Oct 20, 2017

Golden gold coffin is the ancient Egyptian metal works in the most typical representative. It is made of pure gold, part of the jewelry jade emerald embellishment, illustrated as the placement of Tutankhaman king of the mummy and do one of the coffin. Its image is the appearance of Tutankhamman king, but very decorative.

First of all, the king of the forehead of the snake-like decoration, both the worship of the Egyptians gods, but also a symbol of royal power; mandibular below the long cylindrical object is to reflect the king's majestic face fake beard. Secondly, his hands cross-styled, clenched the attitude of the scepter, showing the king of the mighty temperament, but also to protect the deceased in the underworld peace regeneration, the symbol of the resurrection. The whole work fine workmanship, gorgeous decoration, magnificent, showing the Egyptian artists at the time of superb skills.

Representative: Tutankhamun


Tutankhamun is one of the most famous spies of Egypt in ancient times, and many people know that the young Pharaoh is because of its fine gold face. In his many buried items, the inner gold coffin is also dazzling, but also the world famous art treasures. Golden coffin from pure gold to build, 187cm long, heavy 111 kilograms, the central and the edge of the hieroglyphs.