Eighty-year Old Man Sleeps In The Coffin For 23 Years

Aug 24, 2018

Who is willing to sleep in the coffin? However, the old man suddenly had this strange idea after a life of 23 years ago, and he did sleep in the coffin. It was not abnormal, and people were normal and moving. According to reports, this Brazilian old man Zelly Ferreira Rossi, 80 years old this year, is now white-haired, lying in a coffin to sleep, once a week, has been 23 years.


The people around have long been accustomed to the old man's move, and the family will regularly open him up and cover it. Why do you do this? A few decades ago, the old man made a bet with a close friend to see who left the world first, and the person who left later had to buy a coffin for the person who left. When the friend won 23 years ago, he fulfilled his promise, but after seeing his friend in the coffin, he could no longer meet, and he suddenly bought a coffin for himself...

Eighty-year old man sleeps in the coffin for 23 years

Today, the old man's body is very healthy and his mentality is very good. He said that after entering the coffin, his heart was very calm. He always remembered what happened in the past, re-examined his life, and made the rest of his life more meaningful. Even he said that he was addicted.

Eighty-year old man sleeps in the coffin for 23 years