Ecuador Mortuary Is Overwhelmed, Local Government Plans To Distribute 2,000 Cardboard Coffins

Apr 07, 2020

At present, the new type of coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world, and the epidemic caused by it has formed a worldwide crisis. Wherever the epidemic occurs, there is serious panic. Countries such as Ecuador with relatively backward economic and medical standards are undoubtedly even weaker in the face of the spread of the new coronavirus. On April 6, Saudi Arabia ’s Al-Arabiya reported that the “Corvid-19” virus in Ecuador has spread rapidly and has caused a large number of deaths.


According to the latest data from the global real-time tracking of the epidemic, as of the 6th day, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia virus in Ecuador has reached 3646 people, and the number of deaths has increased to 180. In the past day, Ecuador had 181 newly confirmed cases. Judging from the actual situation of the spread of the epidemic, Ecuador's most severely affected area should be the country's largest city Guayaquil and the city's Guayas province. On April 6, the British Sky News also revealed that the Ecuadorian government was unable to help the people transport the bodies because of the increasingly severe epidemic. At least 150 unclaimed bodies were found on the streets of Guayaquil.

With the rapid development of the epidemic, the epidemic has become a major disaster in Ecuador. Al-Arabiya revealed on the 6th that according to a Guayaquil municipal spokesman from Ecuador, the new coronavirus has caused a large number of deaths, which has caused the coffin to be sold out, saying that "the city has no coffin". After an infected person died due to illness, his relatives could not use the coffin to enter the mortuary, so he had to use a cardboard box to bury it. As a result, even the most severely affected areas, even carton boxes have become scarce items. There have been donations from the public to customize 1,000 carton boxes from manufacturers and ship them to cemeteries and crematoriums.


The cloud of death enveloped Ecuador, leaving the country ’s government under unprecedented pressure. Global Network April 5 news, Ecuador ’s Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner delivered a national speech through the media last Saturday, and specifically apologized to the public in the speech, saying "we saw a picture that should not have happened, as My servants, I apologize. "Not only are people's health and life threatened by the epidemic, but even holding funerals for relatives of the victims has become a luxury. It is reported that the mayor of Guayaquil also said in his social media that the municipality can only provide "paper coffins" for those killed in the epidemic.

With the recent outbreak of Ecuador, the army had to invest in the country's anti-epidemic operations. As early as March 15, the epidemic was accelerating. Under emergency, President Ecuador Moreno was forced to declare a national emergency and called on the army to stand up and prepare for the fight against the epidemic. Since the beginning of the 17th, Ecuador officially entered the state of "closing the country". Moreno ordered the army to enter the border traffic lanes and ports to guard strictly to assist in the relevant measures of "closing the country". At the same time, a large number of troops went to major cities in Ecuador to help people isolate the hardest hit areas and strictly prevent people from holding sports, entertainment, curfews and other public gatherings.


However, even though the army was engaged in a vigorous anti-epidemic operation, the epidemic in Ecuador has not been relieved. On April 2, Ecuador ’s infection with the new coronavirus was increasingly out of control. With the power of the government authorities, it was completely impossible to effectively fight the epidemic. In addition, the epidemic has caused a large number of corpses to appear. The government is facing this situation. Already burnt. In this difficult situation, Ecuador ’s President Moreno had to urgently order again to deploy a large number of military forces to form a special operation team dedicated to helping people isolate the epidemic area, build a case shelter, collect and transport corpses.

After the army was put into the anti-epidemic operation, the spread of the epidemic in Ecuador was not clearly controlled, but it still made a tremendous effort in the operation of handling the dead bodies. According to the Turkish "Star" news on April 4, due to the serious spread of the new coronavirus infection, the number of deaths in the epidemic suddenly increased, the mortuary corpses piled up, and the corpses of the victims in many civilian homes could not be helped by government departments So they had no choice but to abandon the streets. Many social media have been circulating multiple photos, showing many bodies lying on the streets of Ecuador. According to Jorge Wander, a spokesman for the special operations team composed of soldiers, the army is actually helping to deal with these bodies. More than 150 bodies have been collected and transported within 3 days.


Although the Ecuadorian army is spared no effort to invest in the country's anti-epidemic operations, due to various reasons such as the country's economic development and imperfect medical system, the new coronavirus is still not effectively controlled in Ecuador, and the epidemic is still spreading rapidly. . Ordinary people are completely powerless in the face of this fierce epidemic, and even the bodies of the killed relatives cannot be processed, and even the coffins cannot be bought or nowhere to buy at all, and they are unable to perform a slightly decent funeral for them. The cartons are buried in a mournful state. Ecuador is in such a tragic situation, and we can only hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible.