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Do You Know:Why Was The Gold Lacquer Coffin Of Cixi Later Painted Red?

Jul 17, 2018

I believe that the Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty is very familiar to everyone. The decline of the Qing Dynasty has a great relationship with the Empress Dowager. If it is not the extravagance of Cixi, it will not let the Qing Dynasty decay so rapidly. If it is not her ignorance, perhaps China is better than It is still to be developed now. After the death of Cixi, there is still a stigma. After that, some people are still talking about him. Today we are talking about what happened after the death of Cixi.


After the death of Cixi, the coffin is made of golden nanmu, which is exclusive to the royal family. The golden nanmu can show the royal quality and show the royal noble status. At that time, some nobles mostly used eucalyptus, cypress, and nanmu. This kind of wood is used as a coffin. When the Empress Dowager Cixi was not dead, he asked people to use the golden nanmu wood to build their coffins and paint them with gold paint, in order to show the style of the royal family. The golden nanmu used in the coffin of the Empress Dowager Cixi was shipped from Yunnan. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars of silver for the freight. After the purchase, it was personally supervised by Li Lianying. At the time, the treasury was so short, the Empress Dowager Cixi It can be so extravagant that she does not care about the lives and deaths of the people, but she has enough face.


After the coffin is formed, the interior of the coffin is also engraved with a four-day curse. The spells are filled with gold. There are thirteen linings inside the coffin. Each layer is lined with fine silk, called yarn-dyed. Golden dragon color satin. There is also a gold paint on the outside of the coffin. These gold paints are made of the current tree paint. It takes a long time for the tree paint to be tanning. When the coffin is painted with gold, it must be obtained. It is painted with a rat's whisk, but in today's Cixi Mausoleum, the coffin of Cixi is red, and why should it be golden? Why does it turn red?

cixi coffin.jpeg

It was originally after the embedding of Cixi that her tomb was stolen by Sun Dianying. When Sun Dianying was fighting, she just arrived at the Tomb of Cixi, the Qing Tomb. He heard that there were many gold and silver treasures in the tomb of Cixi, and they went to steal the mercy for the sake of recruiting soldiers. The tomb, afterwards, he also succumbed to the bandit, and the coffin of the cichlid was also damaged. Fu Yi heard that the tomb of Cixi was stolen and ordered to rebuild a coffin, but it was too expensive to recreate it, so Puyi was forced The red lacquer was used to repaint the coffin, so the golden enamel would have become the big red now.