Do You Know Why Some Coffins Used In China Are Placed On The Cliff

Oct 17, 2020

There are many funeral and burial methods in China, mainly in burial, in addition to hanging coffins and cremation.

Coffin on the cliff

Funeral methods in China

Earth burial is to bury the coffin and the body together in the soil. Hanging coffin is a special way of burial. It is to dig a hole on the cliff and place the coffin into a cave or wood on the cliff. This also makes this kind of funeral. The method is very dangerous, and cremation is similar to burial, both are buried in the soil, but cremation will first cremate the body before burying, in a sense, there is not much difference between burial and cremation.

The only cliff burial group in the north

Ningwu Shimen Suspended Coffin is the only cliff burial group found in northern my country so far. This also makes the cliff burial here very valuable for archaeological research. Visitors can clearly see the hanging coffins on the cliff here. The strong mystery has attracted countless tourists. When the hanging coffin is buried, special attention should be paid to safety. At the same time, the place chosen should be cool, dry and well ventilated.

Coffin on the cliff

The reason for the hanging coffin

Why are there so many hanging coffins here? Some experts explained that the first is because young people are filial to their elders. The coffin placed on the top of the cliff means that the dead can ascend to heaven quickly.

Second, on the battlefield in ancient times, the dead bodies of many soldiers could not be sent home. The locals put their coffins on the top of the cliff so that their souls could look into the distance at any time, as if they had returned to their own. The hometown is the same. Third, there are a lot of lonely old people near the village. After these people die, no one will send them off. The local villagers have to help with the aftermath work, so they put the coffins in the cave on the cliff.

The hanging coffin reflects the simplicity of the locals

During the ancient wars, countless deaths were also the peak of the plague. Since there was no place to bury the dead, the corpses were piled up in the open, and the corpses became the source of infection. People were afraid of secondary pollution and put the corpses in them. The place they can't reach, that is, on the cliff, the burial method of the hanging coffin is not sloppy, it reflects the simplicity and kindness of the local people.

Many people want to find out what happened to the hanging coffins, and many hanging coffins have been very worn out after nearly a hundred years of wind and rain. People can see the bones in the hanging coffins from the cracks, which makes the scalp feel cold.