Do You Know Why Chinese Coffins Are All High On One Side And Low On The Other?

Dec 12, 2020

The coffin is also known as the old house. It is specially designed for the deceased. The workmanship is very delicate. First of all, look at its materials. Generally, due to economic constraints, popular coffins are made of pine and cypress; the best, particularly elaborate coffins are made of precious nanmu or natural crystal stone. Created.

But I don’t know if everyone has observed Chinese coffins. Traditional Chinese coffins are high on one side and low on the other, while the other is large and the other is small. Why? If everyone goes to observe foreign coffins and finds that foreigners' coffins are all flat, only Chinese coffins look like this, then why do Chinese coffins have such attention? In fact, there is a big mystery here.

Chinese coffins

The coffin is big at the end and small at the other, which actually represents one yang and one yin. Yin and Yang are the narratives of the fundamental elements behind the laws of nature in the ancient Chinese civilization that promote the development and transformation of the laws of nature. Yin and Yang are the objective laws of nature and a summary of everything in the world. Therefore, putting the deceased in a coffin of one yin and one yang means that the deceased is in the yin and yang, and after the death, the deceased is also in the world.

So why should one side be high and the other low? The coffin is equivalent to the house of the deceased. In many cases, we call it the house of the yin. The coffin has a high and low slope, which represents the eaves, so that the rain can successfully flow down in rainy days. Not only is the design of the coffin very mysterious, but even the burial is actually focused.

When burial, the method of coffin in the ground should be mostly facing north, and the short head facing southeast. In the case of burning paper money, worshiping, and offering offerings during the Qingming Festival, we should all bow to the short head position, which is the emphasis on the dead. The yin and yang is said to be the folk culture of China. Foreign countries do not pay attention to this, so the coffins are all flat abroad.

Chinese culture and art have a long history, and the coffin is also a major manifestation. This kind of culture and art are all passed down from generation to generation. This traditional Chinese culture should be well maintained and inherited.