Do You Know What It Means To Dream Of Coffins And Dead People In China?

Jan 01, 2020

We often hear the saying that the coffin was because the people before were put in the coffin and died in the ground. Now, in order to save land resources and reduce environmental pollution, most people choose cremation to deal with corpses, but because of the qualitative nature of cultural formation, we still use the word coffin. Sometimes we feel uneasy and we dream of coffins and dead people. What is the significance of such a dream?


1. dream of a coffin or dead

Dreaming that talking to the dead is something that I am careful to accomplish, and the idea that is being implemented now will achieve greater success, and I can gain hope.

Dreaming that you found a dead person crying indicates that your current life is very unsuccessful, and your wish will fall through.

I dreamed that I saw the coffin when I was attending the funeral. This is all according to the plan. Things are going well, my luck is better, and many good things will happen.

I dreamed that I was overtaken when I was driving. A coffin on the car means that your fortune will improve, but excessive spending will make your fortune worse, so you need to make a plan.

Dream of the corpse burning in the coffin. If you are a student, you will have a significant improvement in your grades. Others have recently read books or got some new ideas or inspiration.

I dreamed that I was visiting a large-scale tomb, and many dead people and coffins appeared. In this way, it means that good things will continue to come to you, and you can be happy for a while.

I dreamed that when I went to the grave, I saw that the coffin was related to interpersonal relationships, and his popularity became better and better, and the relationship with the people around him became closer. When you encounter suffering, many people will give you a helping hand.

I dreamed that I walked into the cemetery at night and found a coffin. This is a sign of poor health. You need to strengthen the frequency of your physical exercise. Excessive consumption of your body will only make you more Weaker and weaker.

2. dream of interacting with the dead

Dreaming of myself holding the dead to sleep is an auspicious dream, I will get rich, and my business is rich in money. If there is a foul smell on the dead, I ’m doing a good job of propaganda, it ’s myself There can be surprises.

Dreaming of the dead resurrected in front of yourself, this is the embodiment of what you have done irreparably in reality. Afterwards you feel very regretful. You want to go through the past again and change your behavior. But there is no regret medicine in the world. You can only vent this emotion and thought in the dream. You need to find a trustworthy person to talk to you, or choose to relax by writing.

It is a good thing to dream about seeing the dead laugh at you. There will be happy events in your own home, and you can feel the joy directly. In addition, there are sayings that their families will be dangerous, which is also worth our attention.

Dreaming of lifting someone dead is a sign of loss of money. You need to be careful about the use of money, otherwise it will have a huge impact on your financial situation.

3. Dreaming about dead people with different identities

Dreaming about the death of your subject means that your marriage is near, and your life after marriage is very happy.

Dreaming about the death of someone you do n’t know is a major turn of life, and you will regain good luck in your career.

Dreaming that your father was resurrected after his death. This is because you have encountered difficulties in your career. Your situation requires the help of others to get through.

Dreaming about the death of your wife indicates that you will have a good wife. The other party not only brings you a lot of help in life, but also brings you good luck in your career.

If you dream of your enemy dying, you will make new friends, and the other party will become a life and death relationship.

Dreaming about the death of your friend is a sign that a big problem has arisen in your family relationship, and the constant contradictions have erupted.

Case analysis of Zhou Gong's dreams about the dead and coffin:

Dream description: In the dream last night, I felt that I heard the sound of gongs and drums, and when I got up, I found that there was a finish line outside. Suddenly I felt that I had seen the details. An old woman inside the coffin opened her eyes and stared at me. I was scared and then woke up.

Dream interpretation: This means that you are panic about the life environment you are about to change, you are afraid to face a new environment, and you are afraid of the uncertainty.

Dreaming about the general situation of the dead and the coffin is described above. If you want specific and detailed analysis, you can provide special services on this site. Dreaming that the coffin and the dead represent a new beginning. Such a beginning is good and bad, and it requires your own careful experience.