Do You Know The Story Behind The Black Man Carrying The Coffin

May 07, 2020

Because the culture of each country is different, there are also obvious differences in the customs and habits of various countries. It is precisely because of these differences that each country and nation has a unique aspect. Recently, everyone has been screened by black coffins and professional teams. I believe many people will not help laughing after watching this video.


These black people are popular all over the world with a coffin. They carry the coffin and dance. Although it looks very funny, do you really understand the story behind it? Do you still find it funny when you know the truth behind it?


These black people carrying coffins are trained by professional teams. They have uniform clothing and are very particular about dress. Because they dance very funny during the process of carrying coffins, they became popular on the Internet. And this funny funeral coffin dance video has also become a pastime in people's daily lives.


Traditional funerals also carry a strong atmosphere of sadness, so many people in Africa want to say goodbye to their loved ones in a pleasant way. Therefore, the custom of dancing at funerals that can bring happiness to people gradually became popular in Africa. These black people carrying coffins are organized, which is also regarded as a profession, and they will also choreograph according to customer requirements, especially the funny performances are particularly popular with locals.

The reason why black coffins are popular all over the internet is because most people find it very funny, but people do not understand some cultural customs of the locals. If after laughing, we think about the meaning of life, maybe this happy way of farewell can dilute the sadness of the living people to the dead, and it is best to remember them deeply Miss.