Do You Know The Different Shapes Of Coffins In Ghana

Jun 03, 2019

Ghana is a country in western Africa.

It is located in the west of Africa, on the north bank of the Gulf of Guinea, west of Côte d'Ivoire, north of Burkina Faso, east of Togo, and south of the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is about 562 kilometers long.

The terrain is long from north to south and narrow in east and west. The whole area is plain, with the Akwapym Mountains in the east, the Kwahu Plateau in the south and the Gambaga Cliff in the north. The highest peak Jebobo Mountain is 876 meters above sea level.

Ghana’s economy is more developed in West African countries. Mainly agriculture.

The three traditional export products of gold, cocoa and timber are the mainstay of the economy.

According to World Bank standards, Ghana has entered the ranks of middle-lower-income countries from low-income countries since 2010.


The Ghanaian coffins are different from what we usually see. They are tailored to the coffin according to their hobbies or status.

Because Ghana is one of the world's largest producers of cocoa beans (the main ingredient in making chocolate), many of the people here use cocoa pods as coffins. The farmers here earn less than 20 yuan a day, but such a cocoa pod coffin costs about 7,000 yuan, which is not a small expense for them.

cocoa beans

In general, the coffin design reflects the predecessor's career or status. In this case, “chili has a symbolic meaning beyond the lives of farmers,” says seminar manager Eric Adjetey, who has been in the business for 50 years.

Red and spicy tastes the personality of that person. "His temper is very hot, very gas field, a person you can't dare to provoke."

chili casket

The Mercedes-Benz coffin is very popular. There is a Mercedes-Benz in front of the coffin. It is a big man in Ghana. His grave will be renewed to accommodate this "car coffin." “This is one of the most commonly used coffins. It represents a very high social status for this person,” said coffin manufacturer Steve Anssa.

Mercedes-Benz coffin

Most people call these artworks a fantasy coffin, but they are called Abeduu Adekai in the local area, which means "slang box."

Mercedes-Benz coffin

This is because each coffin design has its own symbolic meaning behind it.

The aircraft is also one of the popular designs. This is for those children. It symbolizes the success of those unfortunate children in the afterlife.

Airplane coffin

In recent years, the real estate industry in Ghana has flourished. This coffin was built for a locally-recognized developer.

“In general, both loved ones and family members have a responsibility to buy coffins for the deceased. But they also have to pay for the ceremonies, including the purchase of food and drinks and clothing for the deceased.”

“The ceremony was held from Thursday to Monday. On Thursday, the family got the coffin; on Friday, the body was taken from the morgue; on Saturday, the funeral began and people went to church on Sunday,” Mr. Adjetey said.

Carpenter hand-carved coffin. A local singer will be buried in this microphone-shaped coffin.

"We don't know the size of this person, so we will ask our family and even rely on photos," said Carpenter Ansa.

Microphone coffin

In recent years, other carpenters have begun to make custom coffins to meet the booming needs of the local coffin industry.

The sedan chair and the queen are not actually coffins, it is custom-made for art galleries in Philadelphia, USA.


In the past few decades, customers in more than 20 countries have purchased these coffins.

The coffin design also attracted the interest of carpentry students from South Korea, Russia, the United States and Denmark, who came to Ghana to learn to communicate.

Local carpenters often use simple hand tools to sand the wood and carve the wood into a coffin shape.