Do You Know? In Ancient China, Different Colors Of Coffins Have Different Meanings

Apr 11, 2019

It is human nature to live and die, but the life of all things in the world is hard-won, so we humans use a special form to illustrate the preciousness of life. When a person dies, in order to express their nostalgia for the deceased, the corpse is usually properly placed, that is, buried. The carrier of burial is a variety of coffins. Chinese traditions love to make coffins from high-quality pine and nanmu. Many people have the best blessings after they die. Five kinds of coffins are buried in five kinds of people, and the coffins of different colors are naturally different. Do you know?

1.Black  coffin

Black beech

The black beech represents solemnity, and the black coffin was first used to bury the wreckage of the ancient warriors on the battlefield, and some people who died of suicide and early death. But with the development of the times, there is not much attention paid to the people. There are more coffins in this area in Henan, Jiangsu and Yunnan.

2. White  coffin

white coffin

White and black form a sharp contrast. White beech in China is still relatively rare. It is common in many foreign funerals and is undoubtedly a symbol of purity. In Chinese culture, white eucalyptus represents a woman who has not yet left the cabinet and a man who died early. But in today's society, white eucalyptus is almost difficult to see, and even some people have never seen this eucalyptus in their lifetime.

3. Red  coffin

red coffin

Red coffin is the most common kind of coffin in China. Since ancient times, red is the auspicious color of Chinese people, so red coffin also represents a blessing to people who have passed away. The use of red eucalyptus is generally an old man who died naturally in the past eighty years. This is a joyous tribute to the Chinese people, just as "there are people who have funeral, grief, and sorrow, and there is no sorrow, and there is a joy in the family. And the so-called mourners, the good fortune of the deceased is both gratifying." . The meaning is that some people have died at home, and the deceased are highly respected, Fushou and Shuangquan; the family is prosperous; at the age of eighty or ninety, the funeral of such a deceased can be described as happy. Children and grandchildren will not be so sad, so red oak is used to express the feelings of their loved ones.

4. Yellow  coffin

yellow coffin

Yellow eucalyptus is also very common in China, and ordinary people will use this color of eucalyptus. Because most of the coffins of this color are made of logs, it is relatively simple and convenient.

5. Golden coffin

gold coffin

The ordinary people of the golden coffin are even more difficult to see, because the golden eucalyptus is generally used in the history of the princes and the royal family. The golden color has always been the royal special color in Chinese history, showing the imposing manner of the emperor's home. In ancient times, ordinary people were not allowed to use golden eucalyptus, but in today's society there is not much attention.

Different colors of coffins are used to bury different people. Of course, this is an ancient saying that has not adapted to the development of today's society. Because in order to save land resources, and vigorously promote people to cremate after the death, the coffin has become an urn, and naturally there is not much to say. What color do you know about coffins? Welcome to discuss each other, and finally I wish everyone can be promoted and made a fortune!