Death Should Die The Most Beautiful, They Use This Way And The World Farewell

Sep 09, 2017

People's life, there will always be a variety of regret or achievements, some achievements will always be worth remembering, some regret may end of life, until the white-haired, can not let go. And when life comes to an end, these memories will turn into the most precious wealth of life ...

In New Zealand, an old man named Katie Williams thought of a way for those who were about to die to "take away" the memory.


Davo grew up in Rotorua, New Zealand, and his dream was to have his own kart.

When he was a child he thought, maybe one day, he will become the world famous racer.

Now, he is more than 40 years old, is a professional chef, there are two lovely beautiful daughter, just been diagnosed with cancer late.

"The next day, I do not know what to do."

At this point, Davo met Katie, and she founded the "coffin club".

The club was founded in 2010, its purpose is very simple, is to help those who are about to leave the world of the elderly, so that they personally create a pair of their own, a unique coffin, record the achievements of life, or to make up those who can not be saved regret.


And the most important thing is to let these old people face death, no fear and worry, no longer alone.

Davo made a racing coffin with the help of Katie, the coffin was sprayed with colorful paint, the bottom of the four wheels, black tires and silver wheels.

There is a steering wheel inside, a gorgeous driving license printed on his full name attached to the coffin next to the above there are two large numbers "43"

Every Wednesday morning, many old people will come to the coffin club headquarters - a small warehouse, together with their coffins, according to their favorite theme cutting, grinding, decoration.

Katie's own coffin is also done with the help of the other members of the club. The coffin inside the coffin is her scouring in the secondary market, with six handles around the coffin, and each handle is attached to a broom.

"It's a very common piece of work, compared to someone else." She looked back at the covered coffin and laughed again. "I was a big girl if I was so fat down to Maybe 10 people can lift me.

Coffin club entrance to the open space, placed a lot of coffins, the old people sitting next to the coffin to their own pair of color, put the decorations, chatting from time to time, never let people feel gloomy, there It's just calm.