College Students Inspired By The Coffin To Build The Car, And Finally Hired By Rolls-Royce!

Jul 05, 2019

Human wisdom cannot be underestimated. It must be said that the ability of people to be good at discovering has added a lot of highlights to the world. Inspiration and innovation cannot be ignored in order to create more beneficial values. The combination of the two is crucial. With such a talented college student, he created a car with the help of coffin and was eventually hired by Rolls Royce. It can be said that it is really amazing! So what kind of car did he make to make Rolls Royce so excited?


He designed a concept car of Rolls-Royce. Occasionally, the design caused the group's attention, and the college student was successfully hired by Rolls-Royce. Needless to say, the front of the car is the iconic Rolls-Royce head design flying goddess; the mix of wood and metal is refreshing; the body only allows many people to have some views, the body is seen by many people. It is very similar to a coffin. It is also possible that the guy thought of some features of the coffin and quoted it on the body, which undoubtedly shows that the student is very good at discovering the beauty of things.


To say that the automobile group is countless, to say that the world-class top car group, no doubt Rolls-Royce must be one of them, the designer uses the most cattle-level, design is also the most cattle design, so they are in the selection of talents It also has its own high requirements. The college student just met their high requirements. Although she was only a student, she successfully entered the Rolls Royce, which is really admirable.

Rolls-Royce style casket

For the creation of this model, it is undoubtedly a treasure for Rolls-Royce. However, it may be a little scary for the timid person. After all, the "coffin shape" makes people feel strange when sitting inside. Of course, the student's achievements also inspired more people to choose to use the surrounding things to try to figure out the discovery, maybe you will be the next inventor. Do you like this car?