Coffin Factory Made Belgian Theme Coffin

Jul 17, 2018

If the home team wins, the fans will celebrate in various ways, and the idea of a Belgian coffin factory is unique: after the defeat of Brazil in Belgium, they launched the European Red Devil-themed coffin for fans in need.

Belgian theme coffin.jpg

According to DH, the coffin factory Centre-Ardenne in the Wallonia region has created a coffin to celebrate this victory. The boss announced on Facebook: "In order to celebrate the victory, the factory provided the coffin with the Belgian team color to the fans who died in the first 50 kilometers."

In addition, the boss also promised to provide a free funeral to the deceased, but he admitted to DH: "I have not received any requests. But this advertisement is valid during the World Cup. If no one wants this time, I I will put it in my warehouse. It will always be of interest to a fan who is looking for a personalized funeral."