African Man Buried His Father With A New BMW Car

Jul 17, 2018

According to the British Metropolis Daily, at a recent Nigerian funeral, the son of the deceased, in order to fulfill his father’s wishes, buried his father’s body in a brand new luxury BMW.

BMW Coffin

The funeral took place in a remote village in Ihayala, Nigeria. The man was only known as Azubuike, and his father died naturally because he was too old. Perhaps Azubuike had promised to buy a car for his father. At his father's funeral, he didn't buy a common coffin. Instead, he bought a brand new BMW luxury car for $66,000.

The photos of the funeral scene were virally spread on Nigerian social media, which led to a lot of criticism.

The netizen commented, "If you have money and bury them with a decent coffin, why not filial piety when parents are still alive, buy them a car? People are dead, and it is just stupidity and show off."

"This is why our blacks have been so poor."

"How many Nigerians still can't eat, you actually bury your new car in the soil, cold and selfish."

Some time ago, there was also a friend in China who liked cars when he was alive. After he died, he used a car as a coffin to bury him. However, the comments of netizens are mostly friendly ridicules. For example, "Is it not to burn gasoline in the future?" "The driver's license burned down, and the driverless driving was careful!"