African Guy Out Of Curious Self-portraits In A Curiosity, And Died In A Car Accident The Next Day

Nov 07, 2019

In our daily lives, the elders always warn us a lot of taboos, especially about death. Although we don't believe in ghosts and gods, it is good to avoid them. A few days ago, in Nigeria, a 21-year-old boy, out of curiosity, lie in the coffin and take a selfie with his mobile phone. He died in a car accident the next day.

Nigerian boy

It is reported that this bizarre thing happened in Benue State, Nigeria. The 21-year-old boy Isaac was lying in a coffin just finished on the day before his death. He made a V-shaped "scissor hand" self-portrait with a smile. Also posted online. As a result, the second day when Isaac went out, a serious car accident occurred at the intersection, and he died on the spot.

Nigerian boy coffin

At Isaac’s funeral, many people were shocked by this. The seniors thought that Isaac was a violation of the undead. The media said that this was just a coincidence.

Here, I want to say that in this scientific society, there is no such thing as a dead soul, and some are just coincidences. But we can't avoid people from believing, so all we can do is respect.