Advantages Of Catalpa Wood Coffins In?

Sep 30, 2015

Catalpa wood grown in China's northeast and Russia extremely cold areas, deciduous trees of the genus. Wood soft hard moderate, and weight medium, has dry shrink rate small, and planing surface smooth, and wear sex strong of physical performance and mechanical performance, structure slightly rough; color, and pattern beautiful, rich toughness, dry Shi easily Alice song; processing performance good, rubber received, and finishing, and coloring performance are better; texture tough dense, and delicate, price expensive, enjoys "wood King" and "gold tree" of name, is world famous wood one of, and Southeast Asia of black ebony, and Rosewood wood, and United States of maple wood, wood par.

Catalpa wood resources and very little civil minimal use, used for production of high-grade instruments and military supplies (stock), it is for the precious quality of furniture wood, as the world increasingly scarce wood resources, growing Catalpa wood furniture collection value. Catalpa tree is our people has always loved native trees in cultivation. For more than 2000 years of history, in great tree Kingdom in China, but the Catalpa tree "material looks both" since ancient times, "King of wood," said.

Catalpa wood shortage, become hot commodities on the timber market, lumber Catalpa wood prices as high as 3800 Yuan per cubic metre or more, equivalent to twice times the price of wood-3 times. Catalpa wood grain structure is fine, is thin and black-wood, wood essentially no significant distortions and gaps.

Mountain ash tree material of tough, moderate hardness, crack is not Alice, no distortion, no smell, easy to produce, easy to dry, carving, and good insulating properties. There are not insects, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, every high tide, the advantages of the leading tone. Is widely used in construction, furniture, ship building, sculpture, musical instruments, technology, military and other aspects of quality good timber.