A Man Volunteered To Lie Down In The Coffin And Was Buried Alive

Jun 29, 2018

Dubliner John Edwards, a Belfast man from Ireland, volunteered to lie in a coffin and was sealed and buried in the courtyard of an East Belfast church.


However, he was not alone in the inside - the coffin was specially modified. The coffin was covered with two plastic tubes that could be used for ventilation. The coffin was large and deep inside. What is even more novel is that the interior of the coffin is equipped with broadband, wifi, and various electronic devices. The variety of daily necessities required, and most importantly, food, are fully stocked and can even be broadcast live on social media.


His goal is to help desperate people.

The 61-year-old Edwards had been using drugs and drinking alcohol. He had spent more than 20 years. After 27 years of decadent life, he established rehabilitation centers and homeless shelters.

The days in the coffin were boring and unpleasant. However, Edwards hopes that people all over the world will value their lives and respect their own lives.


After covering the coffin, Edwards chatted with netizens from all over the world and shared his feelings about living in the coffin. He used his own experience to ease the mental illness. All the dialogue videos were preserved and broadcast live. He called this video "The dialogue between the grave." His actions have been recognized by everyone and he hopes to help people who need help.