Why is the coffin made of wood? Why not iron?

Aug 23, 2020

Traditional Chinese people like to make coffins with high-quality Catalpa wood and Nandu wood. Many people are lucky to have a good coffin after death.

The coffin, also known as the old room, is specially designed for the dead, and its workmanship is very fine. First of all, judging from its materials, generally, due to the limitation of economic conditions, popular coffins are made of pine and cypress; the top-quality coffins are made of precious nanmu or natural crystal stone. And its appearance is also very strange, the front end is big, the back end is small, assumes the ladder shape. On its body, the inclined plane of each piece of board used is opposite to each other, and each part after taking shape should also reflect the inclined plane of large front and small rear. The material of the so-called coffin is also called oblique cargo material. The two sides and covers are inclined with arc. From the front of the head of the coffin, the whole coffin seems to be a half log.