Why are the coffins made of wood?

Oct 06, 2020

Because what you see on TV and in the real world of Bai is wooden du. That's why, Zhi, you have such an understanding. But your questioning spirit shows that you are very good at thinking about the contradictory aspects of problems. You are a thinker and will not be easily led by rumors and information.
In fact, the reason why wooden coffins are common should be understood from the perspective of economics and cultural heritage.
From an economic point of view, ancient carpenters can use resource-rich wood to save costs. If blacksmiths use iron to make coffins, it is difficult to make and the cost of raw materials is higher. You must know that iron was the raw material of currency in the early days.
However, in ancient times, not all coffins were made of wood. There were also sarcophagi, golden coffins and other materials, but they were difficult for the public to afford. They were used by dignitaries and emperors. For example, in some tombs, wood There are fewer coffins, and there are more stone coffins and gold coffins.
From the perspective of cultural inheritance, the reason why modern coffins use more wood is that they have inherited ancient funeral customs (if you have to say that alloys are also possible, but they also require higher costs, because they are rarely available. The manufacturer does it, and it can only be customized if it is not mass-produced). As for the question of whether the coffin is rotten or not, it is not in the scope of funeral consideration. If the body needs to be preserved, such as great men, scientific research, etc., the issue of corrosion and rust will be considered.
However, with the development of the times and the liberation of people's ideas, many people no longer inherit the old traditions, but use cremation to replace coffins with urns. This is a change in tradition.