Which industries are buying “coffins for ten years”?

Sep 09, 2018

When I was studying, I heard a friend who was studying accounting. The so-called Big Four (four famous accounting firms) were “three years to buy a car, five years to buy a house, and ten years to buy a coffin”. Nowadays, the four majors have long since disappeared, but the legend of buying coffins has not disappeared, and many industries are eager to take over this tradition. What happened in these industries?

Overwork: coffin is ready, please sign

The so-called "selling coffins for ten years" refers to the situation of overwork and even life-threatening due to work reasons. There is a special word in social medicine to describe this situation: overwork death. The statement of Karoshi originated in Japan. In the 1970s and 1980s, under the rapid development of the economy, many phenomena of long-term high-intensity work caused by health damage and even death occurred. Two Japanese public health scholars, Ueda Tiejin and Tian Jiujun, have given the following definition in the book "Overworked Death": Overwork is not entirely a medical concept, nor is it completely statistical. The concept, but the result of the daily work accumulated over time. Mainly manifested as sudden death caused by brain disease and heart disease.

Since the phenomenon of high-load work occurs in all countries, the term overworked is also widely used on a global scale. Represented by the International Labor Organization, the international community has generally defined labor death as: because working hours are too long, labor intensity is aggravated, psychological pressure is too large, and long-term sub-health state, suddenly causing the rapid deterioration of the body's hidden diseases, the treatment is not enough to die a phenomenon.

It is worth noting that many media often use “overwork death” and “sudden death” in reports, and these two concepts do not belong to one category. Overwork is a category of social medicine, and the latter aims to study how social and economic conditions affect health and disease. Sudden death is one of the names of clinical medicine. Clinical medicine is a discipline that diagnoses the physical and psychological problems of patients according to basic medicine. The clinical manifestations of overwork death are usually sudden death (1-6 hours after the onset of symptoms) or short-term Healing is invalid.