Where is the funerary object placed in the coffin?

Jul 29, 2018

The placement and location of the funerary objects are as follows:

First, the words of earth burial are generally placed in the four corners of the coffin.

2. If it is a cemetery, then the relatives will lay a gold cloth on the bottom of the stone cave, and sit in the south or west. Carefully place the casket, put silver cloth on the casket, cover the red cloth, and place it on the top. The funerary is just fine.

However, this funerary object is also very particular: it is recommended not to put metal products, such things have radiation, bad for the loved ones, and secondly, such items are easily oxidized when exposed to moisture, causing rust and blackening, etc. .

There should be too many things placed in the tomb. If you choose two or three kinds of representative ones, you can. Or you can customize the Feng Shui mascot according to the ancestors' five elements, which means good things; it can bring good feng shui for your town tomb, and it also has a good influence on your home feng shui. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the phaseless copper furnace to customize the non-phase mascot for your burial. Also, avoid using chemical fragrances or inferior fragrances when worshiping, which is detrimental to Yinde. You can consider the natural incense worship at the same time in the phaseless copper furnace.