What's the difference between a coffin and a coffin?

Jan 03, 2021

The difference between coffin and coffin:

Coffins are coffins and coffin sets (ancient coffin set outside the coffin), generally referring to coffins. Coffins, however, are empty caskets containing the remains, which are usually used in funerals.

The coffin can show the status of the dead. Coffins don't show the status of the dead.

There is a coffin system (the ancient coffin system that indicates the identity and level of the dead), but there is no coffin system.

Relevant explanation:

Coffin, also known as Shoufang, laocoffin, shoucoffin, zhanglaofang, four and a half pieces, Shoufang, is an empty box containing the body, which is generally used in funerals. A coffin containing the body is called a coffin. Coffins can be made of different materials, the most common of which is wood. There are also coffins made of copper and stone.

The coffin is a wooden burial utensil for the dead, and the coffin is the outer coffin that covers the coffin.

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