What's the burial place in the coffin?

Mar 25, 2018

The arrangement and location of the buried goods are as follows:

First, burial words, is generally placed in the coffin Four corners on it.

Second, if it is a cemetery, then by the relatives of gold cloth at the bottom of the stone cave, according to the south or toward the west to sit, carefully placed the urn, in the urn spread silver cloth, and then covered with red cloth, on top of the buried with the goods will be good.

However, this buried product is also a certain stress: it is recommended not to put metal products, one such thing has radiation, the relatives of the bone is not good, and then this kind of items in the tide of easy oxidation, resulting in rust and black and so on.

The tomb inside the thing should not be too much, choose to have two or three representative can. Or you can according to the five elements of the ancestors custom Feng Shui mascot placed, the meaning of good, but also for your town tomb, bring good wind water, but also to their own homestead Feng Shui has a good impact. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the bronze furnace to customize the perfect match for your mascot to be buried with you. Also, the worship should not use chemical incense or inferior incense and other harmful incense, so detrimental to Shand. This you can consider at the same time in the copper furnace to customize a better natural incense worship as well.