What material is good for the coffin?

Apr 07, 2019

There are three kinds of wood for making coffins:

The premium coffin is "san sandwood".

The next point is "Nanmu."

The coffin of ordinary people is "fir".

Other woods are generally not used as coffins.

Sandalwood is extremely resistant to corrosion. The burial tomb of the Ming Dynasty Wangzhen couple unearthed in Huai'an County, Jiangsu Province in 1987, the same pattern of graves and plaques, only because Wang Zhen used sandalwood to make coffins, the body was still intact when excavated, but his wife was not made of sandalwood. Only the cheekbones are kept.

People in ancient times hope that their deceased relatives will bless their children and promote their fortune.

But of course, "official" is not enough. Being caught by the government will cause problems. Besides, because the coffin is wooden.

Therefore, a word is added next to the official and talent words. Represents a coffin. In addition:   is actually two kinds of utensils. In fact,  and wood each represents two status symbols. After the death of the official in ancient times, the coffin is very particular, the materials and dimensions used and ordinary The different names of the people are called  (there are stone gongs. Tong dynasty. , etc.). The wealthy big family will also make a coffin for themselves when they reach the age of 60. They are called Shoucai. They also have certain specifications and requirements. They can not be just picked a few pieces of nails. Self-increased life. The people in the feudal society are not only alive. They even have the difference of status after death. They enjoy sleep after death. There is money after the death of sleeping materials, and the poor only have a wooden box or a straw mat. I buried it. Anyway, the later people who pretend to be dead have put the two together for convenience. They are called coffins. (Now some people explain that it is for Tuguili.