What kinds of coffins are there?

Mar 25, 2018

Coffins can be made from different materials, with wooden coffins, coffin and sarcophagus.

Coffin, also known as Shou Fang, Old Bier, Shou Coffin, old room, four and a half, Shoufang, is the contained remains of empty boxes, usually used in funerals. The coffin with the remains is called the coffin. Coffins can be made from different materials, most commonly made of wood. There are coffins made of copper and stone.

Coffin to the most practical in the countryside, almost every farmer after death will use coffin Shing corpse, some people died for other reasons to be cremated, but also will be before the death of their own ashes in the coffin, they like this way of burial, to preserve the integrity of the corpse, the implication far-reaching.