What is the use of crystal coffins?

Jul 08, 2018

Crystal enamel is a coffin made of crystal glass. Its composition is mainly pure silica.

Crystal enamel is very expensive, and the process is complicated, and it is generally used to preserve the remains of important figures such as politicians. For long-term preservation of the body, most of the crystal coffins are filled with inert gas, such as helium. The crystal crucible should be vacuumed at regular intervals to maintain the pressure balance in the crucible.


Crystal 棺 is one of the Catholic and Orthodox traditional sacred objects used to display the holy shrine. Crystal enamel comes from the tradition of Christian sacred worship. The body of the saint is "the temple of the Holy Spirit" and the temple of the living God. God performed miracles through the body of the saints. After the resurrection of Jesus, the saints also came out of the grave. So Christians believe that the saints will not die, just fall asleep. The believers also believed in the sacred corpse, such as the sacral bones of Elisha to raise the dead. The Lord can raise the bones.