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What is the best material of coffin?

Sep 30, 2015

What is the best material for coffins? Coffin in the ground must be corrosion is of primary importance, then bury the humid environment for a long time, coffin to pest control. Then it can be seen that the best material is, of course, Phoebe!


Buried in the Earth for thousands of years to decay, so the Emperor's coffin, the use of Phoebe, late Ming Xie of the Wu za zu in Hangzhou said Phoebe Chu Shu, poor Valley deep in the mountains do not know age, baizhang, half buried sand, so cut that coffin, that the Sha Board. Better solutions for texture, hard as a stone. Try order Department months box, Morio meat after a few restart, unchanged.

Pest control

Gold silk Nanmu has unit Nanmu aroma, books records its hundred insect not invasion, gold silk Nanmu box Cabinet store clothing books calligraphy can avoidance insect, modern test proved test proved gold silk Nanmu anti-rot wood bacteria, and termite of erosion, anti-marine drill wood animal decay sex also strong, so Royal books bookcase deposit silk Nanmu, modern has very precious of books and souvenirs as long as has conditions also to gold silk Nanmu do box, 2005 Hu Jintao sent Taiwan Soong of song home genealogy is gold silk Nanmu do of letters box.