What is a cold coffin

Sep 30, 2015

Frozen coffin aka Ice coffin

By material:

Spray tank can be divided into the cold plate freezing coffin, hot plate painted box frozen coffin, stainless steel refrigerated coffin, titanium sheet frozen frozen coffin coffin, solid wood, and so on.

Divided by the temperature control method:

Include both mechanical temperature control temperature control

In cooling mode:

Can be divided into direct-cold freezing frozen coffin and air-cooled refrigeration refrigerated coffin.

Frozen coffin by coffin cover, and box two big part composition, box structure used refrigerator process or preservation cabinet (wind cold type) process making and into, contains within bile, and box shell, and polyurethane sent bubble, and compressor, and refrigeration copper tube, and wind machine,, coffin cover initially is with transparent plexiglass Board high temperature stereotypes and into, also useful plexiglass bonded and into, due to plexiglass of quality crisp and high temperature easy deformation, now most are is used double PC endurance Board making and into.

Frozen coffin appearance consists of two parts, there is also the most important systems, including cooling systems and electrical systems. Refrigeration system consists of many parts, essential compressor, condenser, filter dryer, evaporator. Four parts to work together to achieve a refrigeration system. Electrical system function control the start and stop of the compressor, exquisite MP3 looping music, computer-controlled temperature control temperature, in addition to controlling lights switch.

Frozen coffin for the body stored for a short time, due to traditional Chinese funeral customs, died to funeral, mortuary 3-5 days, and would send funeral or funeral home for cremation, not refrigerated bodies during this case, perishable.