Western funeral ceremony

May 20, 2017

The funeral rituals of the western countries are basically religious rituals. The funeral generally follows the deceased's will, the last words are determined to be burial or cremation. The funeral ceremony was held in the church.

Western funeral customs are mainly influenced by Christian culture. Christianity will be the soul of each person directly with God, do not allow idol worship, advocating the soul of sublimation and contempt for the flesh, so the funeral customs of the West is simple and funeral burial. Christian funeral is more to pray for the dead, wish his soul as soon as possible into the paradise, the liberation of pain. Christianity believes that the soul after death requires a quiet, so the funeral is very solemn. Under the influence of Christian culture, up to the nobility, down to the civilian population, funeral basically from Jane, the so-called God in front of "soul equality" principle.

Since modern times, due to advocating the "scientific spirit", especially the rise of experimental science, so that Westerners can a "scientific vision" to look at death, and further dilute the community's enthusiasm for funeral. The West advocates "personal standards", advocating "personal as the center", so in the funeral, but also to the deceased as the "center", focusing on the placement of the dead "soul."

Although the West is numerous, but under the influence of Christian culture, funeral customs are basically the same, the following talk about the more consistent aspects of Western funeral.

Western funeral rituals have corpse, dressing, morgue, funeral funeral, feast, memorial and other procedures, Christian rituals run through it. Usually by the priest presided over the memorial service. The priest introduced the life of the dead and prayed, and the friends and relatives were praying together. After the completion of the four by a corner carrying a coffin to the cemetery, priests, relatives and friends followed in the funeral. At the time of burial, the priest would pray again for the dead. Whether it is the beginning or in the church, and both in the funeral on the road or buried, the relatives and friends can not cry loudly, only silently tears or trained and trained sob, meaning not to disturb the soul of the dead quiet. Burial, with the soil into some petals, buried in the tomb before the cross, put a bouquet of flowers, friends and relatives can silently leave the grave. People will be held on the ninth day of the funeral, the twentieth day, the forty day and the first anniversary of the ceremony must be held.

Modern Western, funeral is no longer their own arrangements, but by the funeral home "through train" service. Religious ceremonies, commemorative ceremonies are carried out in the funeral home. The funeral is also sent by the funeral parlor. They are very respectful to the deceased, funeral home shuttle corpse, the other vehicles take the initiative to give way, and whistle to show mourning, passers-by also stand.

All kinds of customs are implied in deep cultural accumulation, is the result of various cultural factors affect each other, is a national values, social psychology and moral traditions reflect and reflect. Western countries around the death of the remains of the treatment, memory, memorial and a series of ritual activities, all without revealing the shadow of Christianity and equal rights of individualistic values. At the same time, it is in the Christian culture and the equal rights of individualism values under the influence of the two leading factors, the Westerners have their own unique face of death, beyond the death of life and death.