Types and specifications of coffins

May 17, 2020

1、 Species: Nan, Tong, song, Bai, Chun, willow, cement, casket, xicoffin, reed mat.

2、 Specification:

1. One, two and three, that is, one inch of the bottom helps two inches of the ceiling board three inches thick.

2. Two three four, that is, the bottom two inch side three inch ceiling board four inch.

3. Three four five, that is, the bottom three gang four day board five inches, commonly known as three five board.

4. Four five six, that is, the bottom four Gang five day board six inch, also known as four six board.

In addition, there are two kinds of three five boards and four six boards: the three five boards and the four six boards. There are three, five, four and six. There are clean edges and seams (without scars) and so on. This kind of coffin is more expensive due to its good quality.

5. The upper three and four coffins: the two sides of the roof board are made of one board, which are collectively called three independent boards. The four independent boards are generally not used, commonly known as the Jedi board. "Even if you are rich, the bottom board is still suitable for two pieces. If you do not use this board, you must use a saw in front of this board.

6. The size of the coffin.

Inside diameter front bottom width 57cm

Upper opening 42 cm wide

Height 60 cm

35 cm wide back bottom

Upper opening width 30 cm

35 cm high. The bottom opening is 1.7-1.75 meters long.

The upper opening is 1.8m-1.85m long.

The coffin is the same regardless of its size and inner diameter. The so-called two four, three five and four six are all according to the thickness of the coffin plate. The plate at the back is less than the thickness at the front. Generally speaking, the coffin must be two meters long and four inches long. (the craftsman's feet are seven feet and three inches) as the saying goes, seven feet and three times travel through the sky.

3、 Cypress coffin The performance of the cypress wood, the folklore: "the cypress coffin is wrapped in pomegranate wood". The cypress wood is rarely used as a sole board. The reason is that the cypress wood grows slowly, the wood is delicate and tough, and other wood can not be put together with it at all. Only the pomegranate wood is consistent with it. Therefore, the cypress wood is thin, which is made of multiple centers, but it must be broken by eight pendants of pomegranate wood, so it will never crack.

4、 Nanmu coffin nanmu is hard and extremely difficult to make. The nanmu coffin was used by a generation of famous general Xu Shiyou after his death. Details are recorded in another article.

5、 Sarcophagus is a kind of coffin burial form in ancient western three areas. There is a collection display in the star picking stage Museum. There is a sarcophagus on the south side of Yunmeng Mountain in Qi County, which is said to be the coffin of Sun Bin's ancestor.

6、 The cement coffin was once popular in the early sixties. Its shape was the same as that of the wooden coffin. At that time, due to financial constraints, it was no longer used.

7、 The casket is made up of two water tanks to bury the dead.

8、 Happy coffin and happy coffin (also called happy goods) are placed in the spare room after they are finished, and red paper is pasted on them to write happy words. Once the old man dies, they can be used at any time.

9、 It is also called soft burying. Most of them happened in the era of difficult life. The dead people were lonely and poor. They had no children or close relatives. Most of them were carried to the public places for burial with the help of neighbors.