The old man at home died on the coffin and painted what painting is good.

Jun 23, 2019

The local "coffin" of silver, also known as the Shouyi, the old house, is the nephew of the dead body, usually used in funerals. Coffins can be made from different materials, the most common being made of wood. There are also coffins made of copper and stone. In the past, wealthy people had already set up coffins in their lives, and they contained a tumbler. They were affixed with red paper and long words in front of them. They were stored in a material factory or temple, called "Shoucai." Usually a paint is put on each year, and dozens of paints are put on for decades to make it strong and anti-corrosion. In general, the patient is dying or dead before going to the coffin shop to see the life material.

Chinese traditions love to make coffins from high-quality beech and nanmu. Many people have the ability to get a good coffin after death.

Due to the good production of wood and the high level of coffin crafts in Liuzhou, Guangxi, there are “live in Hangzhou, wear in Suzhou, eat in Guangzhou, and die in Liuzhou”.

Nature has created everything, and at the same time gives it all the life that continues to evolve in different forms and forms. The life of all things in the world is hard to come by. However, we humans use a special form to illustrate the value of life...

Since the ancient millennium, human beings have left a "theorem" on their own death that cannot be "killed" - although people can't resurrect, they can all return to heaven. Of course, this is a superstitious statement. If the scientific theorem is used to explain the "theorem" of returning to heaven, it is a kind of spiritual desire of people - although human beings will never die, but his spiritual image will exist forever. Among the minds. In order to express this kind of spiritual feeling with the tangible feelings of nostalgia for the deceased, the corpses of the deceased are placed, that is, buried. In order to make the deceased go better in another world, people prepared a gorgeous coffin for the deceased.

The coffin is a treasure that has a lot of art.

The coffin is also known as the old house. It is designed for the deceased and has a very fine workmanship. First of all, look at its materials, usually, generally due to economic constraints, the popular coffin is made of pine and cedar; the good, especially cautious coffin is made of precious Nanmu or natural crystal. Created. The quality of the coffins is different. The top grades are Yin and Shen. Most of them are used by the feudal emperors. Secondly, Jin Shinan, from the Huayinyuan, is about thousands of yuan per mouth. Most of them are used by the feudal princes. Generally, the coffins of the bureaucrats and merchants who use the mouth of "Firteen Thirteen Dollars" are not bad. This is a relatively high-grade coffin. It is made of thirteen firs. The bottom is four, the three are covered, and the two are three. . The value of silver dollars ranges from two to three hundred yuan. Better are cork, red cedar, and pine. Secondly, there are eucalyptus, river willow, big leaf poplar, small leaf poplar, mulberry, chestnut wood, among which the river willow is stronger and more resistant to moisture. Each mouth ranges from 30 yuan to seven or eighty yuan.

And its appearance is also very peculiar, the front end is large, the back end is small, and the shape is ladder. On its body, each piece of the plate used is inclined to face, and each part after the shape is also formed with a small front and a small bevel. The material of the so-called coffin is also called the diagonal goods. The two sides and the cover are curved with the arc. From the front of the material, the whole coffin seems to be a half-round log. The carpenter who made the coffin, called the "oblique wood" line, specializes in the so-called "light and heavy life". The coffin size has the so-called four, five, six and five, six, seven and magnified samples. The so-called four, five, and six are four inches thick at the bottom, and each of the two gangs is five inches thick and six inches thick; five, six, seven and so on. Make coffins pay attention to "copper gang iron cover tofu bottom."

Particularly striking is its exterior decoration. On the front of the coffin, there is a crane in the monument hall. There are two snow-white cranes flying over the glazed tile hall. The hall is surrounded by green pines and cypress trees. The front of the hall is a fragrant green grassland. In the middle is the stone path leading to the hall. It looks very clean and elegant. The whole picture will decorate the whole coffin head like a fairyland room. The whole villa is a quiet villa with the three heads of the "Anle Palace" on the top of the material. The head picture is closely linked to the coffin itself. On both sides of the coffin, two golden dragons chasing the clouds are being chased to play the orbs. Around the dragon, Lu Dongbin and other weapons used in the Eight Immortals are also painted, also known as "Dark Eight Immortals", as well as Guqin, ancient paintings, Meilanjuzhu, and peach-salted fruit. On the surface, there is "Shoushan Fuhai". All the pictures on the coffin are filled with the techniques of vertical powder and gold, and the blending of the pigments. The painting style of the ancient Tang Sancai is fully carried into the whole, which makes the whole coffin and the main color, the color layer is distinct and beautiful, and the lines are elegant and smooth. Everything is smeared, black paint is painted on the outside, and the pattern of "Twenty-four filial piety" or "Eight celestial life" is painted on the two gangs in gold. Generally, only a round life character is drawn in the head of the coffin, and there are five bats around. It is called "the top of the five blessings of life", followed by the lotus, which is called "foot on the lotus." A person can be accompanied by so much material, spiritual, and intellectual knowledge after he dies, and naturally he can safely walk on Huangquan Road.

In the local area of silver, if the children of the victim's family have deputy county-level or above cadres, who are admitted to the university or have obtained the titles of deputy seniors or above, the coffin can be painted on the coffin, named "Tiger Head", to show the family's merits.