The meaning of the coffin

Feb 20, 2018

Nature has created everything, at the same time give it all in different forms, forms and continued development-life. The life of all things in the world is Hard-won, however, we human beings in a special form to illustrate the value of life ...

In the ancient millennium, mankind has left a "theorem" for his death that cannot be "obliterated"-------------but all will die, of course, this is a superstition, if the scientific objective to explain the death of the "theorem", it is a kind of spiritual desire of people--although people died not resurrection, but his spiritual image , but in others ' hearts forever. In order to express this feeling of mind to the physical memory of the deceased, the body of the deceased was placed, that is, buried. People prepared a magnificent coffin for the deceased in order to make the deceased better off in another world.

China's traditional love of high-quality pine, Phoebe and other manufacturing coffins. Many people have the greatest blessing of a good coffin after death.

Coffins are most practical in the countryside, almost every farmer after death will use coffin Shing corpse, some people died for other reasons to be cremated, but also will be before the death of their own ashes in the coffin, they like this way of burial, to preserve the integrity of the corpse, the implication far-reaching.