The development of coffins

May 20, 2017

The earliest coffin was invented by Egyptians 5,000 years ago, and China has only 3,000 years of history.

The coffin, also known as Shoujiao, Fang, Shoufang, old room, four half, ten blocks, is carrying the human body box box, usually used in the funeral. The coffin with the remains is called the coffin. Coffins can be made from different materials, the most common to the wood, generally cypress, pine, Phoebe, Willow, Paulownia. There are also copper, stone and other manufacturing coffins.

Ancient times show the identity of the deceased and the level of the coffin system. Coffin is filled with the deceased's wooden burial; coffin, set in the coffin outside the coffin. Wooden coffin appeared in China's Neolithic period of Yangshao culture, to Longshan culture has emerged wooden coffin, for the clan leader. Yin Ruins Shangwang mausoleum, the use of large pieces of wood stacked into a square or sub-shaped coffin room, which is placed in the middle of the king coffin. To the Zhou Dynasty, the coffin institutionalized, provides: the emperor coffin four, the coffin of the coffin called, its outside to Si and buffalo leather; second re-name also made of basswood; third reign, Four heavy fist. Imperial coffin outside the two, more with Azusa wood, and therefore its coffin, also known as "Zi Palace." On the public, Hou Bozi male, doctor, to the difference were three (with SI Niu), double, a heavy Is not heavy, but with a big coffin. Also, the emperor big coffin thick eight inches, the big coffin thick six inches, the common people of the coffin only quasi-thick four inches, no coffin. Later generations of emperors, nobles, literati, the basic use of this system, but when there are over the system. "Book of Rites. Tan Gong on": "the emperor of the coffin four: water SI leather coffin was, its thick three inches; also coffin; Zi coffin two." "In four days": "Zhou system ... ... Jun coffin with green, with miscellaneous gold wrong; doctor in the coffin with mysterious green, with cattle bones; doctor coffin with turquoise green, with Cattle and other people are not green. "And" Datang system: Zhu Yi not to stone for the coffin and stone chamber, the coffin are not engraved color painting, cast households lattice bar threshold, coffin and no gold Baozhu. "As for who The invention has been no test, the purpose is obvious, in order to save the dead body.

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