Some common wood casket

Sep 30, 2015

Black Walnut: a valuable timber tree in North America, Black Walnut wood was made high-end furniture. Exterior black walnut heartwood Brown, sometimes black or purple streaks. Often called Walnut black walnut. Black Walnut wooden Kaleidoscope, form different patterns, being loved. The wood is heavy and hard, friction collision-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to dry little deformation, easy processing

FIR: the material is light, easy to dry, shrinkage, cracking not Alice, durability, and easy processing, cut thick, strong strength, good adhesive properties. Excellent dry, light and durable material makes FIR a popular furniture material.

Catalpa wood: civil isn't the result of Walnut wood of Catalpa, Catalpa wood Brown eyes arranged flat plain, dark soft little luster, but the shrinkage is small, can be used as door core desktop core. Often used with the Gao Limu, Walnut wood. Catalpa wood Walnut light, color depth, mass, big brown eyes and scattered.

Maple: heft, the structure is fine, easy processing, smooth cutting surface, good finishing, gluing, drying warp phenomenon.

Pine: soft material, moderate strength, good drying, water, corrosion resistance, processing and finishing good colored cement. White Pine Pinus koraiensis high strength.